The way that customers view a company has changed with developments in technology. Customers used to research a brand’s reputation by viewing Better Business Reports and customer reviews. Nowadays, society is using social media to obtain information about brands. That being said, it is imperative that your brand or local company has a strong online presence and remains active on social media networks.

One of the main reasons to use social media marketing is the number of options available. These platforms reach potential customers around the world. Each social media network has millions of users, with an ample number of people in each target marketing group to introduce your brand or business to.

The social media networks above are the most effective, in order of success and impact. Having a profile on these outlets is a must for the success of your brand and marketing campaigns. The reason to use social media is that a brand has more exposure in an open setting. The content posted should be interesting, relevant and engaging as it will promote more shares, reaching more viewers.